Green IT Barometer 2019

Answer before 31/01/2020 !

A European survey

Green IT Global Network

Green IT Belgium works in partnership with Alliance Green IT (FR), Green IT Amsterdam (NL), Sustainability For London (UK), Green IT SIG (CH) and FISMA (FI) through the Green IT Global Network; together, we launched this survey for the 3rd edition of the Green IT Barometer.

This survey aims at assessing the maturity of private and public organisations in managing eco-responsibly its digital services, as well as to assess the number of computers and IT equipment present in such organisations.

This is the third edition of this survey called Green IT Barometer, initially run only by the Alliance Green IT in France.

The first two editions, 2015 and 2017, have been the subject of two publications: (in French only).

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Practical information:

  • It is advisable to involve in this questionnaire the different services of your organization (purchase, headquarters, IT department… etc.). To do so more easily, you can first download all questions here.
  • Important: we recommend that you keep a copy of your answers and contact us to find together the most effective ways to reduce the environmental footprint of your IT services.
  • The duration is estimated at maximum 30 minutes if you are able to answer all questions directly.
  • You can return at any time to the questionnaire: using always the same browser, your previous answers are saved.
  • In case of modification, only the last answer will be taken into account.