Making your it green

We bring you experience and expertise to achieve long-standing results.

You become part of an active international community.

Green IT is a reality for hundreds of companies in Europe. Become one of them.

The information available to the general public and relayed by the media is not always accurate: erasing your old mails will not help so much! 

It is therefore strategically important to get accurate information, tailored to the needs of your company. As Green IT-certified consultant, we partner with experts in Belgium and abroad to bring you the best advice.

GreenITBelgium helps you, your CSR and your IT departments to achieve your objectives.

Consultancy & training

We measure and benchmark the ecological impact of your IT services.

We help you focus on what will make a real difference, without competing internally with your business projects. 

We train your key IT staff, we also assist you to communicate internally and adapt the company culture. We get your company Green IT certified.

working together

We bring together major Belgian companies and international companies with a subsidiary in Belgium.

We share the best practices of IT Management taking into account its ecological impact.

We communicate to the general public via national media about our member companies and about this new axis in their CSR engagement.

GreenITBelgium is your partner of choice to minimise the ecological impact of your IT services.